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Welcome to the Gambling Industry Association

Hello, welcome to the Gambling Industry Association. We are a forum with a difference and it is that difference that we hope will propel an entire industry forward and into the future.

What difference you ask? Well, if you visit our Mission Statement page, you will find that we have a master plan. We do not have a blue print, but we do have a dream. Our difference is that we want to involve the entire industry in one website. We want to get the industry to talk to each other, and most of all we want to create an environment that dispels doubts about the industry's intentions and ethics.

This is no easy task but, having met many of the industry players, the G.I.A. leadership has no doubt that the industry can set out and self regulate to a point where accusations leveled by any party can be dealt with appropriately. We want an environment where facts and actions support the claims leveled by industry players regarding their honesty and integrity.

A few one liners that define who we are:

  • Don't shout, talk quietly, and that way people will listen attentively
  • Do not alienate one another with harsh words and attitudes
  • Don't mistake fiction for fact
  • There is no such thing as a forgone conclusion
  • Even liars occasionally tell the truth
  • You cannot tar everyone with the same brush
  • Patience is a virtue
  • Do not jump to conclusions
  • You are innocent until proven guilty
  • Always give of your best or do not give at all

The G.I.A. Badges of Approval

Throughout the internet, we want deserving affiliates, affiliate programs, and casinos to carry a G.I.A. Badge of Approval. These badges will be accorded to those parties who have met the standards that are expected of them. Who decides who is worthy? The G.I.A. members do. No one person is in charge of choosing a worthy recipient. No person, program, or casino can buy a G.I.A. badge. These are voted on and accorded a unique number that can be verified at any time on the specific page (see the navigation menu). Badges can be withdrawn too and will be if a recipient no longer meets the acceptable standards.

These standards are not pie in the sky but rather functional down to earth standards such as making payments on time, operating on a moral level, or simply communicating with other stakeholders. Be sure to read the appropriate Code of Ethics expected of GIA Members, Affiliate Programs, Casinos, and players.

The G.I.A. Founders

CPA - The Casino Players Advocate. One of the better known voices in our industry. More than a few people have fallen prey to his honest tongue, and his straight forward manner. He certainly does not lack when it comes to tact but, for a fact, when enough is enough he is known to say so! Players and programs alike stand by him due to his reputation for fairness, honesty, and common sense approach.

CPA says - "I'm rarely on either side of dispute. Most of the time, neither side is 100% right. This often polarizes the Players and the Casinos, and is frustrating to both parties involved in a dispute. As a result, there has never been a way to openly, amiably, and objectively resolve Player/Casino related problems. If we can take a positive step towards creating that environment here at the G.I.A., then I believe we have made a significant contribution to the Players, the Webmasters, the Affiliate Programs, and the Software Providers as well."

Universal4 - Universal4Casinos. Technical wizardry and very hard work underline Universal4's value to this industry. Many a casino program has turned to him to test their tracking due to his diligence and questioning. He is always amongst the first to volunteer his services to lend a hand to a player, or a Webmaster that needs a little help. His strong relationships with the Casino groups has also allowed him to assist with many player queries too. He is a crucial cog in the wheel of the G.I.A.

Universal4 says - "I have always been an advocate for fairness to all affiliates no matter their size or amount of traffic they produce. The aggregate total of a few dozen affiliates that send a few hundred visitors a month are just as important to the long term success of a Casino as are the few affiliates who send tens of thousands.

When it comes to the players, I feel that the player who plays a little once a month is also just as important as those who play larger amounts on a more regular basis. Hopefully with the G.I.A. we will be able to nurture more fruitful relationships between the respective groups allowing the industry to grow and flourish."

Bigbcasinos - Big B Casinos. Known for his nice guy approach, Big B is a popular webmaster who has worked tirelessly to improve relations between players, casinos, affiliates, and affiliate programs. He is an "oil on troubled waters" type who would like nothing better than for peace to reign in the internet land we know as online gambling. Big B provides balance to the often unbalanced communications between Players, Casinos, and the Affiliate Programs as well.

Big B says - "Talk is cheap so they say, but without talking, we will never reach an understanding. That is my vision. A world where people sort out their differences with the pen rather than the sword. That may be a dream in the real world but in our industry, there is no reason that this should not be possible"